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The Celestial School of the Arts

Celestial School of the Arts


The Celestial School of the Arts (CSOTA) is a ministry of First Baptist Church of Hampton, Department of Music and Arts Ministry. The school is dedicated to providing the Hampton Roads communities quality instruction and its pupils with performance, while increasing parents, children and the community at large understanding and an appreciation of the arts.


The study of the arts has many benefits for the student, parent and teacher. Although this course of study is rewarding, it involves a dedication and persistence. CSOTA is committed to presenting opportunities for growth and development that are not only practical, but enriching and rewarding.

We are committed to positively reinforcing and nurturing each student through structured studies in music and art, but moving towards expanding offerings to include theatre and dance. We are committed to encouraging discipline, creativity and self-motivation. We are also committed to providing individual students with experiences that are therapeutic for the mind, body and soul while also promoting opportunities for social interaction and healthy competition. With your support, we can make this investment one that will pleasingly pay off for a lifetime.


Our goals are:

    1. To create a multifaceted arts center where youth and their families can receive positive, quality training and        performance opportunities in a safe constructive, understanding and Christian environment.

    2. To acquire students who demonstrate a potential for self-growth and to develop that potential through an        exciting fine arts program.

    3. To expand and enhance fine arts activities, experiences, and opportunities for at-risk children and their        families. To strengthen self-awareness and self-sufficiency in parents through fine arts training.

    4. To ensure the school's effectiveness by educating communities volunteers for the purpose of serving as        mentors and invite their participation in fundraising activities.


    1. The cornerstone objective of the Celestial School of the Arts is to instill qualities which will not only build a        lifelong passion and appreciation for the arts, but will develop the total person by promoting self-discipline,        teamwork, poise, and creative expression.

    2. To improve the quality of life in children through fine arts while providing community harmony and to assist        families to be self-sufficient in today's society through collaborations, education, fine arts and the coordination        of local resources.

Calendar Schedule for the School Arts and Registration forms


Classes will begin on designated dates for the fall, spring, and summer sessions. Classes generally are offered from 4:00 - 6:00pm on Monday through Friday and after 11:00am on Saturday. Other times may be arranged according to the availability of both the student and the instructor. All classes are held at First Baptist Church of Hampton, 229 North King Street, Hampton, Virginia.


Instruction will be offered in private and class settings. There is a minimum enrollment for all classes as listed.


Registration dates will be listed on the registration forms. Payment must be made in the form of a check or money order payable to First Baptist Church of Hampton; Memo: Celestial School of the Arts Tuition.


Tuition for private instruction is $280 per semester plus a $25 registration fee ($305); Tuition for group instruction is $140 per semester plus a $25 registration fee ($165). All tuition and fees must be paid at the time of registration at the beginning of each semester. There will be no refund for classes missed by the student. Special payment plans may be available. Please contact Dr. Effie Gardner or the administrative assistant at 723-0988 x18.


All major supplies, instruments and books will be the responsibility of the student. A list will be issued by the instructor on the first day of class. Piano students must have access to a piano in their homes for daily practice.


A culminating recital and exhibit of art works will be presented at the end of the Spring semester. Student readiness will be determined by the instructor. Students missing 3 or more lessons with a semester will not recommended for performance in the culminating events.


Scholarships are available for those students who exhibit exceptional musical talent, a financial need, or a willingness to progress in the arts. Students wish to apply must secure an application form from the Music and Arts office and meet the application deadline listed on the form. Scholarships are granted by Advisory approval. If granted a scholarship, students are responsible for the $25 registration fee before classes begin. Failure to attend classes or poor progress will result in revoking of scholarship support.

Classes offered and Faculty