First Baptist Church
Service Times

Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday -
Early Morning Prayer 6:30 a.m.

Sunday: Morning Prayer 8:30am
Sunday: Church School 9:00am
Sunday: Worship Service 10:15am

Wed : Evening Prayer 5:45 p.m.


Music Ministry Member Data Information Sheet

Last Name:
First Name:
Mailing Address:
Year Joined:
Zip Code:
Email Address #1:
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Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Cell Phone:
Gospel Choir:
S1 S2 A1 A2
T2 AR Bar Bass
AH Holder Men's Choir:
T2 AR Bar Bass
Women's Choir:
S1 S2 A1 A2
Christian Fellowship:
S1 S2 A1 A2
T2 AR Bar Bass
Anointed Vessels:
S1 S2 A1 A2
T2 AR Bar Bass
FBC Praise Team:
Soprano Alto Tenor
Angel Choir:
Soprano Alto
LAB Praise Team:
Soprano Alto Tenor
FBC Mass Choir:
S1 S2 A1 A2
T2 AR Bar Bass
Comfort Choir:
Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
Praise Band:
Please list instruments
Check all that apply:
Sanctuary Bells Outside
Praise 'N' Motion 1 Rehearsal
Yes, I will volunteer Choir
Displays Divine Inspiration
Wedding Wings of Praise
Seminar Pastor
ETG Handbells Anniversary Celebration
Praise 'N' Motion 2 Church
Yes, I would like to volunteer in these deparments:
Filing Music Library
Publicity/Web Site Design Recruitment Committee
Photography/Visual Arts Drama Ministry
Rehearsal Hall Care  
Wedding Anniversary:
Spouse's Name:
Robe #:
Music Folder #:
Section Leader:
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