FBCH Mission Projects


  • Shoe Shop Mission Project: To provide new shoes to youths in need, while sharing the love of God.
  • Back-to-School Mission Project: To provide school supplies and backpacks to youths in grades K-12.
  • Thanksgiving Mission Project: To share God’s Word with those in the community, while providing Thanksgiving boxes.
  • Angel Tree Mission Project – To meet the clothing needs of children in the community ages newborn to 15.


Deacon Vera Powell, Coordinator: info@thefbch.org





Chesapeake Club


  • Helps to grow disciples in the knowledge of Jesus Christ
  • Unites members of First Baptist Church to support the work of the church and to give aid to the sick and needy in the community.
  • Meets monthly 
  • Plans activities to meet the needs of the church and community
  • Supports projects that provide for the upkeep and expansion of church property
  • Provides an annual book scholarship
  • Annual Founders’ Day celebration


 Sister Marietta Cottingham, President: info@thefbch.org





Circle of Diversity


  • To promote and stimulate dialogue with individuals from different religious backgrounds in the City of Hampton


 Deacon Willie C. Anderson, Coordinator: info@thefbch.org





Feast of Caring


  • An ecumenical opportunity to break bread with our brothers and sisters in the faith community
  • Fellowship that includes eating homemade soup and bread together
  • Fundraising opportunities to support  H.E.L.P., in their mission to provide shelter, food, and other services to the homeless in the City of Hampton


 Deacon Willie C. Anderson, Coordinator: info@thefbch.org





Mayor’s Book Club


  • Recruits church members to donate their time and talents to read to elementary students in the City of Hampton 
  • Participates in a partnership with the Mayor’s Office


Deacon Willie C. Anderson, Coordinator: info@thefbch.org





Recreation Ministry

The Recreation Ministry creates opportunities for the community of believers to come together in fellowship


  • Reaches out to the community by sharing the love of Jesus Christ;
  • Provides opportunities for healthy athletic competition
  • Teaches team work and cooperation
  • Reflects the image of Christ through coaches, players, parents, officials, and guests in all activities (including Volleyball, Family Fun Day, Cheerleading, Bowling, Softball, Zumba,  Basketball)


  Deacon Willie C. Anderson, Coordinator: info@thefbch.org 



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