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Marriage Enrichment Fellowship Ministry


  • Fellowship opportunities

  • Marital retreats

  • Wedding vow renewals

  • Bible study

Contact the Church office: at 


Healthcare Ministry


  • Provides immediate healthcare assistance for our members and guests  

  • Healthcare seminars, screenings and training


Deacon Artis Croslin, MD, President: at 



First Family Friends


  • Assists in creating loving relationships among our new members and disciples

  • Outings and retreats

  • Bible Study


Sister Michelle A. Robinson: at 


Temple Time


  • A movement ministry that fosters authentic Christian fellowship and sound physical fitness between members and community friends 

  • Encourages regular fitness activities that strengthen spiritual, emotional and physical health (including daily group and exercising)

Sister Jacqueline Sutton: at 


Singles Ministry (SPARCS)

(Single People Actively Reaching for Christ and Serving)



  • Social Gatherings

  • Bible Study

  • Group Outings


Sister Kimberly McKissack: at 



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