Fine Art Ministry


Fine Arts @ The First

The Mission:

Art is a wonderful and effective way to connect people by allowing us to express our passion through this genre and our love for God with all the talents he has given us. These visual art exhibits will provide a creative outlet for members and non-members of First Baptist Church of Hampton and increase interest from the community at large.

These oil and watercolor paintings, sculptures, photographs, and textiles will provide an opportunity to share and engage parishioners. This is creative evangelism.


The Exhibit:

Due to the covid 19 virus, the Fine Arts programs planned to be held at the First Baptist Church could not take place onsite.   As we observe safe distancing, please enjoy the first virtual online exhibit,  “From My Perspective” 


The Artist:


Jiselle Banks is a middle school student from Hampton, Virginia who has been exploring her love of art since she was in elementary school.  She began taking art classes at an early age and, with the support of teachers and family, she was able to try various mediums and open her mind to discovery and creativity.  Jiselle works most often in acrylics and, more recently, has begun to try digital art.  Much of Jisell’s work showcases realism and portraits.


In addition to her art, Jiselle stays busy with other more energetic art forms that she appreciates.  She has been an active team gymnast since the age of seven and a dancer since the age of four.  She enjoys multiple forms of dance including: Tap, Jazz, Ballet, and is actively involved in the Liturgical Dance Ministry with the groups Praise n’ Motion and the Willodene Scott Intergenerational Dancers at First Baptist Church of Hampton.


In the future, Jiselle hopes to continue to pursue her artistic interests through high school into college.


The Experience:


This is the first exhibit of work done by one of the youth of the church.  The “From My Perspective” collection includes 14 pieces.


First Baptist Church of Hampton is authorized to include the “From My Perspective” collection in this virtual exhibit (the “Virtual Display”).  The artist expressly retains all ownership rights and derivative rights. The web site and the contents thereof are protected worldwide by copyright and related intellectual property rights. All images remain the property of the artist, Jiselle Banks, and may not be reproduced, downloaded, linked to, copied or edited without the express written permission of the artist. Programs, files, contents or hyperlinks to other web sites are provided as is without any expressed or implied warranty. 






FBCH Technical Ministries


  • To glorify Christ through the use of technology by enhancing the worship, preaching, and teaching of God’s Word
  • Provides sound, video and media for all worship services and events
  • Digital recordings of events for church archives
  • Production and distribution of service related media
  • Trains volunteers and interns in audio visuals


Contact Brother John Brooks, Jr. @ 757-723-0988 ext. 20 or


Microphone close-up on the sound mixer


Liturgical Dance Ministry

Mission Statement:

The Dance Ministry is guided by Psalm 149:3, “Let us praise His name with the dance.”  The purpose is to minister to through expressive movement performed to sacred and contemporary music designed to uplift and inspire others during the worship experience.





The Ministry:

The Dance Ministry consists of eight groups whose focus is praising God through unique movement styles.  These groups include:

  • God’s Angels – Children in grades 1-5 who dance to praise and worship God and celebrate His goodness.
  • Praise ‘N Motion – Children in grades 6-12 who believe that all who see us in motion will experience the fullness of God.
  • Wings of Praise – Adult women who are dedicated to expressing the love of God and offering praise through dance.
  • Silver/Platinum/Gold  – Senior women who bring others to God as they give Him honor, glory and praise with the backdrop of old standard hymns, spirituals, and gospel.
  • Intergenerational – Adults and youths, whose appeal is to all ages as they dance to the glory of God.
  • Men of Valor – Men of the church who have dedicated themselves to praising God through dance by using their gifts in their own unique style.
  • United Grace – Married couples who minister to others by expressing their love for God and each other through movement.
  • Mime – Adults and youths who share and act out a spiritual message, with music and without speech



  • Minister at worship services
  • Annual Concert 
  • Minister on other occasions as invited


Contact Trustee Jean Braxton, Director:





Music Ministry

The Choirs of First Baptist Church of Hampton are an integral part of our music ministry. Each Sunday morning and throughout the week they minister with excellence. We are proud that our choirs are eclectic. FBCH enjoys all genres of sacred music!




Contact Brother Milton Marriott, Minister of Worship & Arts:



Usher Ministry


  • Serves as one of the church’s official greeters
  • Ushers, directs and assists parishioners
  • Distributes resource materials
  • Receives offerings, tithes and gifts
  • Maintains orderly movement before, during and after church services
  • Sponsors bi-annual training retreat


Contact Sister Theora Rankins, President:



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