Deacon Family Ministry



Auxiliary to the Deacons


  • Prepares for all Holy Communion celebrations
  • Purchases and maintains all Communion supplies
  • Assists candidates for Baptism
  • Oversees pulpit supplies
  • Provides hospitality for the pulpit


Sister Allene B. Walker, President: at 




Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees manages all fiduciary and business affairs of the church.




Jean Braxton, Chair



Committee Chairs

Buildings & Grounds – Zachary Applin

Equipment & Inventory – Tyrone Melvin

Facility Liaison – Kianga Thomas

Finance Committee – Anthony Fairfax

Finance Committee Liaison – Virginia Hawkins

Hospitality – Audrey Peoples

Legal Liability – Ron Harris

Personnel – Ron Harris

Recreation Liaison – Mary Cloud


Zachery Applin

Jean Braxton

Mary Cloud

Eula Davis

Elaine Eatman

Anthony Fairfax

Ron Harris

Virginia Hawkins

James Long

Tyrone Melvin

Audrey Peoples

Mary Quarles

Linda Taylor

Kianga Thomas

Brian Tyler


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